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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 30, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> partly relief that it is animal bones. partly...sorry it is not closure. especially for my children and grandchild. >> police were here all day and into the night looking for evidence. they say their primary suspect once lived in the home. he has since died. they emphasized that the current residents are not suspected in the case. the bones will be sent to the state forensic laboratory for testing to make sure but they think they do not belong to kevin collins. >> thank you, amy. abc7 reporter first broke the story. it is part of an investigation by the abc7 i-team so stay with us for continuing coverage of the kevin collins case.
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>> meantime the family of a dublin girl who disappeared 24 years ago today plan to hold a walk tonight as they have done in past years. she was 13 when she disappeared in 1989. she was walking home from school to ice skating lessons and her family and supporters will walk the route she was taking when she was last seen. the walk begins at 7:00 p.m. at wells middle school and proceed sees to st. raymond catholic church where a prayer service is held. >> kickoff for super bowl xlvii is now four days away and today the 49ers get down to business holding practice at the new orleans saints practice facility. the niners are following the normal practice routine prior to the game on sunday. the team has experienced being away from home based out of a hotel. they have taken a week-long trip each of the last three seasons. guess what? they were 3-0.
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in september they stayed in ohio home of the 49ers ownership for a week between road games in minnesota and new york. in half an hour abc7 reporter katie marzullo will join us live from new orleans with some of the rich history of the host city. sports director larry beil, and sports anchor mike shumann, and wayne freedman are in the big easy bringing the best coverage of super bowl week including behind the scenes twitter updates that you can follow at abc7 news bay area. >> listeny fan will get a phone call they will never forget. at noon, the niners will contact the winers of the super bowl xlvii road trip sweepstakes getting two super bowl tickets, two round trip airline tickets to the big easy and a signed kaepernick jersey. fans had until yesterday to register on the niners website. >> at the excitement, leaders are looking ahead to super bowl
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50, hoping it will be played at 9 niners new stadium. the santa clara city council met to discuss their super bowl bid. they are on the short list to host that super bowl with south florida. they will need to show the nfl it can handle a massive event. >> we have our team in the super bowl, so we have the buzz and we are looking at three years out. >> the bid is due in may, and the new 49ers stadium is scheduled to open in time for the 2014 season. >> happening now, the f.b.i. has taken over a hostage situation unfolding in alabama right now after a man took a six-year old boy hostage. police say the man grabbed the boy off a school bus after shooting and killing the driver. the man is now holed up in a bunker with the boy in midland, city. authorities have been communicating with the man through a pvc pipe and they sent medication if the boy through the pipe.
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neighbors describe the man as "strange" and he has been building the bunker under his home since moving in two years ago. we will stay on top of the story and bring you more as it unfolds. >> pittsburg police are searching for a person in a deadly gas station shooting. at the union 76 gas station yesterday, police say the victim was shot in the head and died from the injuries. the man's father tells abc7 that the victim was just 20 years old. the swat team surrounded the neighborhood after the shooting sending for the gunman and they found fox's car but not fox. >> this morning, the high produce says some will have to pay up if they want c.h.p. officers to patrol city politicians. they have been helping oakland police for free ends a 90 day agreement that ends on friday and the c.h.p. wants money to extend it. oakland reached a deal with
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alameda county to pay for patrol by sheriff deputy and the mayor hopes the state grants will pay for the c.h.p. officers until new cadets graduate this summer. >> walnut creek police are searching for three robbers who pepper sprayed jewelry store workers entering the jewelers on broadway plaza yesterday afternoon. one doused employees with pepper spray. another used a hammer to smash in the display cabinets grabbing several rolex watches and took off in less than one minute. >> a state agency is set to take action against chevron in connection with the company's richmond refinery fire. an independent investigation by the state department of occupational safety and health, and the u.s. come safety board, will reveal more of the fire that will lead to fines and sanctions. chevron say they have paid out $10 million in medical claims and has begun corrective action and they face lawsuits set for
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state court claiming negligence caused the fire and delays respond. >> if you are driving across the golden gate bridge there is a lot going on. you may not be able to see what it is. electronic toll testing is underway this morning. collectors are all in place and on and customers can use each option. our reporter, cornell bernard, is checking out the impact on the commute with a live report in the next half hour. the idea is in two months or less, that is all it will be, electronic only, no human toll takers. >> now, time for a look at the weather forecast. it will be a little warmer. >> a little heat. >> warmth coming our way pushing the temperatures above average. if you have followed katie on twitter yesterday you may remember i said she would have severe weather tonight and
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tomorrow morning and that is yesterday. here you go, strong storm headed right down toward new orleans as we speak, moving right toward the lake in the next couple of hours katie marzullo will be pounded. i am trying to get her to capture lightning pictures. it would be cool for those of us out here who are not used to seeing that kind of weather. you can see high pressure over us. the high clouds from yesterday are in the green. they have moved off to the east. we will see more sunshine and temperatures today. starting off mild. especially if you have a breeze in the neighborhood. upper 30's to mid-40's. we are in the mid-to-upper 50's and near 60 through 4:00, not too bad in the evening, and upper 40's to around 50. in the future, we will be above average all the way through saturday. temperatures mainly in the mid-60's. >> good morning, everyone, road work out there at 80 westbound which will be picked up shortly. the macarthur maze where 80
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funnels in and 580 and 880 from the south, going nicely right now with no delays. we will look, first, at the bay bridge toll plaza, light heed into san francisco with no metering lights and road work on the upper deck moving into the westbound direction but that will be picked up shortly and the traffic is light in the area, so, i am not seeing delays there. elsewhere, road work, northbound and southbound, various lanes will be picked up at 8:00 and san mateo southbound 101 various lanes for construction, right around 3rd until 6:00 a.m. as well. kristen and eric? >> thank you. >> looks like the car is going to catch fire. >> you heard of the oakland freeway side show and now hear the frantic 9-1-1 call and a tipster who was helping them track down the drivers. >> a new development in the safety investigation of boeing
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>> good morning, the senate judiciary committee holds the first hearing on curbing gun violence since the cut account school shooting. the ahead of the national rifle association will testify. also, retired astronaut mark kelly whose wife, former arizona congresswoman, gabrielle giffords, was a victim of a mass shooting. n.r.a. c.e.o. saw law abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of violence. the n.r.a. and mark kelly sent e-mails to supporters urging them to attend the hearing today. >> c.h.p. is getting closer in identifying the drivers involved in a dangerous side show in the middle of interstate 880 over the weekend. the crazy stunt could have had deadly consequences.
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we have the latest on the investigation and the emergency calls that came in during the incident. >> my god. my god. the c.h.p. is getting abundance of information leading to the drivers involved in this sideshow that happened saturday afternoon around 4:00 right in the middle of northbound 880 in oakland. >> someone posted this on the internet and i saw it, i saw a comment saying they knew someone in the video. >> caller who gave crucial information to the c.h.p. spoke exclusively to abc7 news saying he saw postings on facebook implicated the drivers. the c.h.p. also released 9-1-1 calls from people who witnessed this. >> everyone on the freeway is stopped to see what they were doing. it is not safe. i have a baby in the car. >> it involved half a dozen vehicles near the colisieum.
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>> people are just, like, piling up, walking on the freeway, and they are doing all this spinning out. >> i cannot believe this i have three kids in the car. >> videos were plastered on youtube and other social media making it a lot easier for detectives to track down the drives. >> now the c.h.p. says it is only a matter of time before it enhances the video to read the license plate to the cars and make the arrests. >> the man who pretended to be manti te'o's girlfriend online is saying he never meant to hurt the football star. now, he carried on a fake online relationship with manti te'o for years and tricked manti te'o to believe he was a woman with cancer and the lawyer says his client has a medical condition so he decided to come clean about the fairs on dr. phil which airs tomorrow. >> great news for bay area woman
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who lost $6,000 in a cruel super bowl ticket scam. she is going to the big game after all and taking a few friends with her. she wired $5,900 for ticket she saw posted on craig's list by a ravens fan, fake one, and she got this, a nasty note, rooting for the ravens. when ticket master c.e.o. heard of this he gave her four, free tickets. 949ers kicked in a few tickets on top of that so now she gets to go and have breakfast with legend troy aikman. >> you can see signs of 49er pride and viewers are sharing super bowl excitement this group makes cheering a family affair. look at this little guy. he is ready to go.
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he will be all ready. he is destined to be a future niners quaterback. right now the football is bigger than he s you can make the photos to >> that doesn't even look like a full-sized football. >> wait physical he hits the weight room next week...if he wants to be a quaterback he should have the stick on tattoos >> the kids are playing football at recess now and it will be glorious today. >> very nice year. not as warm as new orleans. katie marzullo said it is 75 degrees right now in new orleans at 6:46. that is what humidity does. check it out, abc7, she is posting video of how windy it is on a parade route. >> at home from the east bay hills, to emeryville and san
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francisco, and over to live doppler 7 hd, around new orleans, you can see healthy looking storm system with the oranges and the reds and this part right here is under a thunderstorm warning across the lake and headed toward new orleans so hopefully we will talk to katie soon. this will have torrential rain, lightning, and up to 60-mile-per-hour wind. that is what they are dealing with in new orleans. at home, pretty quiet outside as we look at the last three hours and the high clouds dissipated and moved on. i don't think it will be as pretty as yesterday with the sunrise. temperatures are mile because of the wind and we are in the upper 30's in napa and fairfield and low-to-mid 40's elsewhere but san francisco is at 48. and antioch is at 49 degrees. temperatures are down around monterey bay the low 40's but gilroy at 38 degrees. now, today and beyond, more sunshine, more warmth, that is
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central. the neat thing, remember last time we had a warming trend we had all the "spare the air" days and this time, we don't. the air looks like it will stay clean. it will be unsettled and cooler next week, with a couple of chances of light rain but nothing all that heavy. you can see the high pressure out here, still pushing the jet stream, the storm track is to the north with the storm blocking ridge keeping us quiet and thin clouds are starting to move to the east with the rim of high pressure so that means we will have more sunshine today and throw mid-60's. temperatures are in the 30's and 40's again and our high will be in the low-to-mid 60's and a few hours hit the upper 60's and the temperatures will taper on monday and into tuesday when the next chance of rain rolls in. have a great day. >> good morning, everyone, a look at the san mateo bridge, moving the tail lights headed westbound toward the high-rise, and san mateo side of things everything is moving at the limit between hayward and the
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peninsula with no issues. to san jose, northbound, 87 beyond h.p. pavilion, very light right now, and kind of crazy last night with the sharks getting another win at home it is very exciting but now it is calm headed northbound to 101 on 87. just some road work, southbound, 85 between 101 and evelyn, that will be picked up in a couple of minutes. in the oakland area, 880, there is road work, and westbound, dumbarton bridge, for another ten minutes or so and the eastbound direction you will have road work until 6:00 a.m. this morning on the dumbarton. eric? >> it is 4:49. this is word that boeing 787 dreamliner knew of problems with the batteries in the new 787 dreamliner jets before two fires that grounded the new fleet. "new york times" says japan's airways had to replace ten of the batteries last year and said they toll boeing of issues they were having with the batteries and regulators are asking boeing
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to provide detailed information on the batteries. the 787 is the first plane to be fully powered by the new batteries. >> john kerry is sworn in today as the next secretary of state. the senate confirmed him to the post yesterday. on friday he replaced hillary clinton who is stepping down after four years. this is the first time since colin powell served under president george w. bush that a man will be sworn in as secretary of state. >> the war against mosquitoes is on this morning as the north bay. the health concern that will have workers spraying the air today. san francisco's battle against public nudity get as major boost fromñ!ñcús
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>> welcome back on this wednesday morning. san francisco mayor lee says a compromise agreement is imminent for california pacific medical center to rebuild st. luke's hospital and construct a new hospital at the site of the
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former cathedral hill hotel. the $2.5 billion project includes demolishing the old hotel to make way for 550-bed hospital. a delay has been over traffic issues. any deal would include a scaled down cathedral hill hospital and increased investment in st. luke's in the mission district. the announcement is expected before a board of supervisors vote on march 12. >> this morning, the mosquito control district in marin will spray for mosquitoes. the park in san rafael and deer island in novato will be included in the treatment plant^. officials will use a helicopter to look for mosquito lavae. the speed they are developing is faster than recently. that could signify a more active mosquito season. >> california's relatively dry winter is affecting state water levels. the latest survey of the snow
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pack in the sierras is 93 percent of normal with heavy snow building it up in december but we have had little snow. despite the smaller estimate our water supply is locking pretty go. the snow pack will continue to build until april 1 and then melt. it provides a third of the state water supply. >> from a water standpoint and skiing and snowboarding standpoint we need more snow. a good storm would do it. >> they would love it. >> some of the resorts of grooming places this we have not grandmotherred in -- they have not groomed in years because they have the time. >> now, what is going on at home: temperatures this morning will be around 37 to 47, and breezy in the hills and warming trend this afternoon at 57 to 65 and milder in the evening at 48 to 53. if you are traveling, tahoe we is 50, throw mid-60's through the central valley and big sur
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and upper 60's to 70's in southern california. >> and 80 through berkeley and emeryville, and macarthur maze we had road work that is picked up and traffic is light here slowing nicely moving toward the macarthur maze. this is a shot we have of 101 in mill valley, you can see very light traffic moving toward the waldo headed southbound on 101. otherwise, just road work out there, east 237 to southbound 880 the ramp is closed until 6:00 this morning and southbound 280 to north 85, that ramp is closed for construction, as well, until 6:00. kristen and eric? >> it is 4:55, san francisco's ban on public nudity goes into affect on friday now that a federal judge has rejected a challenge to it. the challengers are that the ban violates the first amendment rights but the judge said it does not violates to freedom of speech, and that upset 9
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activists who challenged the law. their attorney said "my clients and i are reviewing the ruling and considering an emergency appeal to the 9th circuit." researchers in texas are making progress toward developing a birth control pill for men. a team at the baylor college of medicine is working on the first one. research published says that formula is different from other pills that have failed because it doesn't have harmful side effects including loss of libido and is in the early stages. amen, if you want more intimacy in your marriage, stay away from housework. research from the university of washington shows husband whose stick to the traditional male-oriented chores like washing the core and raking leaves and stuff like that have more sex than those who help with the cooking and cleaning. the study results are based on a survey of 4,500 couples between 1992 and 1994 but. >> authorities say the division
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of authorities have changed little over the past 20 years. the study is in the american sociological review. >> you say "may" sound sexist? moving on. the golden gate bridge will go where no other has gone before, next at 5:00, the big change that will start happening this morning. >> big day for facebook, the >> big day for facebook, the news investors are waitingit foy to save on a new mattress.
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joining us. >> i am kristen sze. a lot to talk about especially the big warm up. and now mike? >> starting outside with offshore component for the breezes, coming now, down from the north and bringing cooler air. it is taking away the high clouds this morning. live doppler 7 hd is quiet. we have low-to-mid 40's in many areas but antioch is at 49 and san francisco is 48, and upper 30's in napa and fairfield and concord. today it will be caucusser at the coast at 57 to 60, with upper 50's to mid-60's on the coast. now, the traffic? sue? >> good morning, everyone, we will look at your drive as you leave antioch, it is looking good right now, westbound, highway four moving toward pittsburg under 10 minutes toward the concorde area, so it is nice time to be on westbound four right now. up and over the altamont pass, and looking good, to, from the central valley, less than 20 minutes when you move from the


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